Quickstart: Cross Platform App Development

Quickstart: Cross Platform App Development

The fastest way to publish a Javascript App for cross platform use: The deskfiler open source platform gives you a fast and easy way to deploy your own plugin. This BareBone plugin shows you how:

  • Simple example plugin
  • Download, unpack and modify to your need
  • Twine in your functionality

and develop for all 3 major platforms in one fell swoop. We provide the Electron based preparation for you!

Download: barebone.tar.gz In Deskfiler
File size: 6 kb

Publish your tools:

Once you have written your first plugin, you can register for free and submit it for publication in our plugin library!

Download the core app

Deskfiler is a free and Open Source platform for Windows, Mac and Linux.
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It is based on the famous ElectronJS, that powers many Enterprise-ready Javascript applications.