AI: Image Recognition Tool

AI: Image Recognition Tool

The gVision plugin bulk processes your pictures:

Drop your images on this plugin and let the Google AI automatically recognize the content of the images. This plugin is capable of processing hundres of images and automatically tag the dropped files for:

  • SEO reasons: get the right keywords
  • Legal reasons: find the usage of your files online
  • Translation reasons: Easily get the tags of the image in Spanish, French, German or Italian
  • Sorting reasons: get your files locally tagged for easier management

The tool automatically writes the tags of the image into the EXIF information and into an extra JSON file for your additional scripting. Get a list of keys you can export!

Recognizes online usage and automatically puts text of images into the details. Very handy for copyright checks and SEO professionals!

Download: gvision.tar.gz In Deskfiler
File size: 495 kb
Bridge call: gvision
Toll booth: Starting at 0.005 USD peruse

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