Develop & Publish Plugins:

Deskfiler is an open ecosystem for Javascript developers.
It is - however - pretty young, so documentation and options are also in an early state.
In order to help you to get started, here is a little overview of the functionality, that is already available to you:

  • Access to the source code:
    We work openly on and expand the wiki there constantly: Visit Deskfiler on GitHub.
  • Intro and first steps:
    Our binary downloads and the installation can always be found on in the developers section.

Publishing here

In order to publish plugins for Deskfiler, you will need to sign up for a free account. With that account, you confirm your e-mail address and then submit plugins in the member section for publication. We will look into your submission and check for security.

For a fast start into Deskfiler plugins: Take a look at our "BareBone" plugin. It gives you the skeleton to start working with Javascript, NodeJS and ElectronJS very quickly: Quickstart Barebone.

We do also have some nice additional options on our servers for you:
  • Bridges:
    You can use our identification and setup-system to limit access to other APIs via our tunnels. This "fair use" model is currently free of charge and you may register your external URL via a "bridge" on We limit access to these bridges for identified users only and pass the values you post along. Get in touch with us, if you need a scalable system here!
  • Ticket sales:
    We have a ticket system in place, that we demonstrate with the gVision plugin. You can sell access to your external API calls with tickets and sell that to your users directly. For that, you would need your own SendOwl account, who we use as a payment provider to work with a growing number of payment methods.
Please get in touch with us, if you have questions!